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The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts offer the bankruptcy community Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN). EBN is a FREE service that allows court notices to be transmitted electronically, delivering them faster and more conveniently. Electronic Noticing has the following advantages:

ANNOUNCEMENT OF VALUE-ADDED FEATURE: By selecting email for your court notices, you can now take advantage of another great feature - XML! Through XML, you can extract case data, such as the debtor's name and case number, from the PDF notices sent to you. This enables you to automate the processing of data effectively and efficiently, while allowing you to save the PDF images for archives/records retention purposes. Learn more about XML here!.

For more details, click the "Tell Me More" link next to the EBN type that suits you. You can receive notices by:

Email is an electronic noticing option for both low and high-volume notice recipients. Each email contains a secure link to a government site for you to retrieve a PDF copy of your notice. Every PDF now contains case data in XML. Find out more about XML here.
EDI is an electronic noticing option for high-volume notice recipients who have an account management system where a computer-to-computer data stream can replace data entry. Better yet, use XML.
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For Existing EBN Subscribers

If you are already an EBN subscriber and need to make changes to your account (i.e., update point of contact information, add or delete names and addresses associated with the account, or change the email or fax number where notices are sent), click here: 

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What is the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC)?

The BNC, established by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AOUSC), provides a centralized process for preparing, producing, and sending bankruptcy court notices by mail or electronic transmission.