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Benefits of EDI

Participation in the free Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing program can offer many benefits to creditors. EDI technology is operated by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) to provide enhanced service for creditors. Bankruptcy noticing data can now be formatted in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and transmitted to an electronic mailbox in lieu of paper notices. EDI bankruptcy notices are delivered days faster than the U.S. Mail. In addition, the EDI information can be processed by computer, providing the capability for processing bankruptcy noticing information at a fraction of the cost of manual methods.

  • Creditors that receive thousands of bankruptcy notices can replace paper with a computer-to-computer process

  • EDI bankruptcy notices are delivered days faster than the U.S. mail.

  • Creditors can reduce their processing expenses and improve data accuracy by replacing manual processes with automated procedures

The BNC will transmit bankruptcy notices to creditors using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formatted data. In doing so, it provides only the variable information contained in the notice rather than the entire notice text, e.g. notice identification codes, debtor names, 341 meeting locations. The use of EDI will benefit those creditors that receive thousands of bankruptcy notices by replacing paper with a computer-to-computer process.

EDI Set-Up

For more detailed information about how to establish an EDI account please contact the BNC at 1-877-837-3424 or ebn@baesystems.com