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EBN Documentation is provided in the following categories: General; Email; and EDI.


Name and Address Matching
    Provides detailed technical information and examples of how the system handles aliases.


How Email Noticing Works
    Information about email transmission, format and other issues.

Email Examples
In addition to a link to the PDF, each email contains a short description of the notice, the name and address of the recipient (from case mailing list), case number, court form code, originating court, and title of each notice contained in the PDF file.

Email Option 1 An email for each court district that contains a link to a PDF with multiple notices. Example: You receive a single email with a single link to a PDF that contains up to 20 notices.
Sample of Email Option 1

Email Option 2 - An email for each court district containing a link to a single PDF with a single notice. Example: You receive 20 individual emails, each containing a single link for a single notice.
Sample of Email Option 2

Email Option 3 An email for each court district containing multiple links to multiple PDF files (up to 25), each file contains a single notice. Example: You receive a single email with 20 links, each PDF contains a single notice.
Sample of Email Option 3

Email FAQ
     Answers to frequently asked questions.

EBN Implementation Guide
     Thorough information about the EBN program.


The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts have improved the Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) email service by embedding case data within each PDF file that can easily be accessed and processed to improve your workflow. Case data is the information that changes from case to case.


  • Debtor Name
  • Debtor Address
  • Joint Debtor Name
  • Joint Debtor Address
  • Debtor Attorney Name
  • Debtor Attorney Address
  • Court District Name
  • Court District Address
  • Case Number
  • Chapter
  • Judge's Initials
  • Title of Notice
  • 341 Meeting Locations

Specifically, using the eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP) and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) standards, these case data elements from the notice are now attached to the PDF document catalogs. Additionally, the courts have assigned general categories to their notices for quick reference, which are indicated by a reference code.

To download an example notice with XML, view and save the example notice.

The XML data is not typically viewable with a PDF reader. A software program is needed to extract the data from the PDF. You may write one in any language or use a Java program (source) (binary v1.6) provided by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center.

Example: java ExtractXML yournotice.pdf > yournotice.xml     Here's an example of the output.

Learn more about XML by reading the Electronic Bankruptcy Notice XML Implementation Guide.

For further information please contact the BNC at 1-877-837-3424.


EDI Mapping Guide
    Technical Specifications.

U.S. Courts District List
    A listing of district codes contained in Appendix A of the Mapping Guide.

    Answers to frequently asked questions.

Trading Partner Agreements

National Creditor Registration Service Agreements
NCRS EBN - Email Agreement Download PDF Form
NCRS EBN - Evidence of Authority Form, Authorized Agent Download PDF Form
NCRS EBN - Evidence of Authority Form, Related Names Download PDF Form
Change Form
NCRS EBN - Name and Address Change Form (or add related names and addresses) Download PDF Form
NCRS EBN - EDI Noticing Trading Partner Agreement Download PDF Form
NCRS EBN - EDI Email Supplemental Agreement Download PDF Form