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What Is National Registration?

The bankruptcy courts and the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) have made enhancements to the Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) service designed to reduce the volume of EBN documentation required by new and current EDI noticing partners to initiate or change electronic noticing services. The BNC is now supporting a National Creditor Registration Service (NCRS) for electronic noticing. This service is being provided in conjunction with the launch of an updated EBN web site.

Centralized Sign-Up

The new NCRS expands the BNC's delegation for handling EBN agreements to include Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Trading Partner Agreements and Evidence of Authority forms, virtually eliminating all paper handling and review functions by the court. All bankruptcy courts have been contacted to confirm the court's intent to use the new registration service. The BNC will maintain a database denoting courts that elect to use the NCRS, and courts that retain local responsibility, for all EBN services. Noticing partners for courts that elect to use the NCRS will be activated for EBN by sending the BNC a single noticing partner agreement and, if required, evidence of authority agreement.

An updated section of this web site presents a series of sub menus, drop down lists, and data entry screens that allow a noticing partner to input and/or select all the information necessary to sign up for, or modify, one or more of the EBN services – E-Mail, FAX, and EDI. The noticing partner can select court districts, appropriate agreements, evidence of authority forms (if necessary), and enter name and address synonyms on-line. The system automatically generates for the partner a list of courts that are covered by a single noticing agreement (national registration) and a list of courts that must be sent individual noticing agreements. PDF versions of the completed agreements are generated with name and address synonym lists included and court name (“Sender”) and subscriber (“Receiver”) filled in as appropriate.

Central Forms Repository

For courts that elect to use the NCRS, as well as courts that retain local EBN sign-up responsibility, the BNC will maintain a central repository of court forms on the web site for reference by noticing partners. By clicking on a particular court, noticing partners are able to view all notices for that court. The following information is provided for each form:

  • Form ID
  • Form Name/Description
  • PDF image of the form

This central forms repository replaces the current Exhibit 1 requirement of the EDI Trading Partner Agreement.


The EBN noticing partner agreements and related forms have been updated and are posted on the web site.