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Notices are delivered to addresses based on the court's case records. Please enter your subscriber name and address exactly as it appears on current notices. The following information will only be used to set up your account for the name and address matching process. You will have an opportunity later during registration to list additional names and addresses (spelling variations) for which you receive bankruptcy notices.

NOTE: A full nine-digit ZIP code (ZIP+4) is mandatory for all addresses.
You can look up nine-digit ZIP codes at the U.S. Postal Service ZIP+4 website.

Enter the information to appear on the agreement below.

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EDI is only available for certain court notice types. Specify below how you would like to receive notices that cannot be sent via EDI:

Option 1
One email contains a link to a single PDF file. The PDF file contains multiple notices (e.g., 20 notices in one PDF file).
Option 2
One email contains one link to a PDF file for each notice (e.g., 20 notices are sent as 20 emails, each email with one link).
Option 3
An email contains multiple links to PDF files. Each link contains one notice (e.g., 20 notices have 20 individual links).

Please select the district(s) from which you would like to receive electronic notices:

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